A matter of quality

We keep loyal customer relationships thanks to our outstanding quality, custom technology and integrated services that include design, engineering and technical support. Through close collaboration, we cater to their changing needs.

The use of robots, digitization and artificial intelligence systems is essential for mass production with high quality and service standards. In 2018, we started the architecture of suspensions for next years’ vehicles, included those with an electric battery. In addition, we began our research work on materials and fibers that will detonate the new generation of springs, in order to optimize performance, processing capacity and cost.

We have 12 new automated instruments to measure performance, which have been developed and installed in our operations to improve times and precision, speeding up the decision-making process in key operations.


We assure that every one of our products and processes comply with the global standards of quality certification, this is why we can proudly claim to be the leaders in quality, standardization, continuous improvement and innovation in eco-friendly productive processes, safety and occupational health. These are our certified categories:

Rassini Brakes was one of the first companies in Mexico to introduce an Integrated Management System and to obtain the following certifications:

Quality: IATF 16949
Safety & Occupational Health: OHSAS 18001
Environment: ISO 14001, through ABS Quality Evaluations.

Other certifications earned by our operations are:

Socially Responsible Company

5 years in a row

IATF 16949

10 years in a row

ISO 14001

15 years in a row

Great Place to Work

5 years in a row

OHSAS 18001

12 years in a row

Clean Industry Certification

14 years in a row

More than once, our customers and several other institutions have recognized our operative excellence, high quality, service, technologic advancements and our commitment to offer a better product every day.

Supplier of the Year Award, from General Motors

Certificate of Achievement, from Fiat Chrysler

Best Performance Supplier, from Toyota

CSAP 100 Best Managed Companies for Zero Defects, from Ford

Most Improved Supplier, from Nissan

Zero Defects Award, from Nissan

Premio Nacional de Exportación (National Export Award), from the COMCE

Masters of Quality, from Daimler