Innovative solutions

Rassini is the world’s largest producer of suspension components for light commercial vehicles and the only fully integrated brake rotor producer in America.

We develop mobility solutions through big data, artificial intelligence, widespread digitalization and innovation in both processes and materials. We offer solutions to car manufacturers in 10 countries, supplying components to more than eight million cars each year.


We develop light suspension components with reinforced materials and are working on an alternative thermal treatment which will deliver even lighter products.
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We produce fully integrated brake rotors with a foundry process of gray and ductile iron, machining, coating, anticorrosive thermal treatment and assembly.
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Technological centers

in Mexico, USA and Brazil, because more than a manufacturer, we are an engineering solutions company.



work under a world-leading organizational culture fueled by leadership, personal and professional development, communication and innovation.


Sophisticated vehicle

models worldwide use at least one Rassini product.

Our customers

We supply to the most demanding brands and manufacturers in the world and are fully integrated in the supply chain. Our leadership is validated with our client retention as well as with the certifications and awards we have received.

+ 100 awards in excellence and quality

Social responsibility
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