Who are we?

We are an international company that provides engineering solutions through the design and manufacture of components for suspension, brakes and anti-vibration systems for the automotive industry; including urban, family, all-terrain, sport, luxury and commercial vehicles; both with electric and internal combustion engines. We are an engineering and solutions company. We are known for being pioneers in the development of new technologies, thanks to our constant innovation in product and process engineering.


In our “Can Do It” culture, our leaders understand the importance of doing their job, and know how to communicate it to everyone involved, who will assume the responsibilities given. Therefore, we are all fully committed to Rassini’s values:

Service attitude

With enthusiasm and a positive “Can Do” attitude, we offer our customers effective and cost-competitive solutions, in the shortest possible time, with high quality and while being profitable.


We go the extra mile in all our activities. We think of valuable ideas for Rassini and all of those who integrate it.


What we say and what we do go hand in hand.


We accomplish our tasks and objectives effectively and on time.


We put our talent and effort together as a team in order to achieve our objectives.


The quality of the company is a reflection of all of its collaborators.