June 20, 2019 by Rassini 0 Comments

Rassini proves growth in Mexico is possible

Many people think the origin of great ideas is coming up with big ideas when actually, great actions are what is needed. This thought led engineer Antonio Madero Bracho to draw Rassini’s path to success. Thanks to his strategic actions, this company is known today as one of the most important brakes and suspension companies.

The first big action of the mastermind behind Rassini was the purchase of Minas de Sanluis, in 1979, an essential decision for the company’s growth, which showcased his vision on the automotive industry and where it was leading. This decision included the main component that supported the company’s growth: to operate in Mexico.

To many, this idea seemed more like a dream or an illusion because there were many international competitors. However, to him, it was the first step toward greatness.

Forty years later, this symbolic decision was part of a chain of action that has impacted both the company and its surroundings by representing a culture of growth and energy focused in finding solutions no matter what challenges may bring.

An example of this would be that Rassini is the main suspension manufacturer globally and the most important manufacturer of brakes in the continent. Rassini is a great example of how you “can do it” to grow in Mexico regardless of external factors, as long as you aim toward generating solutions.