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Rassini fulfills its main responsibilities in the human rights, work, environment, and anti-corruption areas. Rassini embraces its commitment towards people and prepares them for long-term success.

Rassini is a great employer, with 6,500+ contributors prepared to work in a world of knowledge. More than 500 engineers and professionals work towards finding new solutions that allow us to innovate and to see the challenges of an ever-changing society as opportunities.

Sixty percent of the company is made up of young people and our practices are aligned with this group’s interests through constant promotions and incentives according to their achievements. The company includes them as part of its innovation processes through positions or projects, offering the opportunity to participate in activities that transform the company and make a mark on the automotive industry, they have highly-competitive salaries and growth opportunities in the country and abroad, in other facilities of the group.

We encourage our contributors to understand their work as part of something special and not just work. Our commitment is 100% aimed toward their development, quality of life, safety and health, which is why every member of Rassini complements its skills to reach the company’s goals within the universal values framework we support every day: teamwork and quality.

Certain that continuous improvement is achieved through our collaborators, we strive to attract and retain highly competitive human talent, with a constant “Can Do” attitude.

The Rassini family waits for you!

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Why work with us?


We work hand in hand with the Mexican federal government with the program “CONOCER” (Consejo Nacional de Normalización y Certificación de Competencias Laborales), since this is a way for the skills acquired in the company to earn academic recognition. Other activities to promote the training and strengthening of competences include lectures, courses (in-person and e-Learning), visits to different companies, benchmarking, exhibitions, seminaries, diplomas, conferences, congresses, workshops, research projects, clusters, coaching, and supervision from their direct managers.


Our collaborators can get in contact with upper management members to discuss any work or personal related business. This also reflects in the design of our office spaces, where the administration is within reach. Aside from these channels that encourage communication, they can make suggestions and get involved in the decision-making process that affects their work through the Continuous Improvement program, which encourages the involvement of the personnel, on an individual or group level, through suggestions and “kaizen”, team projects with the “Path toward excellence” motto, individual or team projects that use the Lean tools and team projects with the Seis Sigma methodology.


We carry out social development activities that go beyond employees by including their families, such as the celebration of Family Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, the Christmas festival, among others. We have a recreational center called Parque Rassini, where we teach courses, plan activities and educational programs for our collaborators’ families.