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Rassini and gender equality

In Rassini we believe in and encourage gender equality since both men and women have the appropriate and necessary skills to be part of our company. In our recruiting and selection processes, as well as regarding promotions, we value talent and not gender. Whenever there is an open position, the opportunities to occupy it are offered in an equitable manner to both sexes, regardless of the current level and position, as long as the requirements for the position are met.

Our company adheres to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and, as these principles claim, we believe that “diversity and inclusion in the workplace open new business opportunities and enable better risk management, as well as increase productivity, act as a source of innovation or improve customer and partner satisfaction”.

On the contrary, workplace discrimination leads to social tension that might affect the environment of the company, isolate it from the community in general and even damage its reputation, affecting profit and stock value; situations that will never be tolerated in Rassini. Our collaborators –men and women– have the same rights and opportunities, and this is the essential principle we abide by because what matters the most to Rassini is our people.

We are aware that encouraging equality and inclusion translates into a better performance of our contributors and the growth of the national and global economy, which is why we share the ideas of the United Nations Secretary-General, who believes that gender equality is the essential element in the search for a better world: “The 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development presents a transformative vision to protect our planet, promote peace and guarantee that prosperity is shared by everyone. Human rights and gender equality are the main principles of this bold agenda, underlying our initiatives aimed toward preventing conflict, overcoming division and approaching the main causes of inequality, instability, and injustice.” Rassini commits to contribute with this toward the construction of a more just society.

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Three elements to grow within an organization

Rassini’s mission is not only to grow within the automotive industry but also, that its employees grow as well. In order to achieve this, Rassini has three essential elements that allow the employees to reach this goal and that lay the foundation for a culture toward excellence and the commitment to the professional and personal development of each one of its contributors.

These elements are:

  • Competencies: They are an essential part of the hiring process but also of the evolution process within the company. This term is understood as the skills a person has and makes him suitable to develop in a particular work scenario. That both the employee and the direct manager identify them allows for evolution according to goals, which directly impacts the development of the company.
  • Experience: Another important component of growth comes when the employee obtains and develops experience in his position. This development applies within Rassini by hiring students who will learn to face profession challenges that involve teamwork but will also take also decision-making skills.
  • Human behavior: Rassini is known for having a well-established and clear conduct code for its employees, because competence and experience are not all that is needed, but also possessing good human qualities that impact each person they come in contact with, directly or indirectly. This way, the generated value chain impacts every employee and allows the company to grow in a positive manner.